Reptile Behavioral Training Demonstration

Many people believe that reptiles have primitive brains that are only capable of instinctive behavior. If you have ever interacted with a snake or lizard you know they are capable of much more than just instinctual behaviors. We will be answering many questions scientists are only just now posing about these fascinating, misunderstood and grossly underrated creatures! Then you will know the answers to: Are reptiles smart? Can they think and solve problems? Do they have feelings? and much more
Organization Name: 
Length of Performance: 
45 minutes
Time Needed for Setup: 
15 minutes
Time Needed for Cleanup: 
5 minutes
I require an early morning sound check (sound checks will take place between 8 and 8:30 a.m.): 
How many microphones will you need?: 
Do you require help setting up?: 

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